Friday, October 21, 2011

Elvis: Rock, Sex, and Roll (Yeah Elvis!!! playlist #1)

A new book from JAT publishing is coming soon. Elvis : Rock, Sex and Roll. Focusing on Elvis in 1956. Acording to the press release, it will be: a 'ground-breaking, history-making' book featuring never before seen photos along with extensive details about Elvis in '56, the year in which Elvis changed the world forever. The title of this book was chosen because we believe we will capture Elvis Presley in his coolest, sexiest way.

Here is the video add:

Well we haven't seen it yet, but this guy, Joseph A. Tunzi (JAT) really knows how to deliver, so we are really looking forward to it. In the mean time, Elvis: Rock, Sex and Roll its a good excuse to create and share with you a playlist that really lives up to the excitment of that title. So here it is! our own selection of hard rocking 50's and early 60's tracks, not a lot of talking reviewing the tracks this time, you know the songs, you know this got to be played fuckin' loud, so download it and Rip it Up!

'Hearing him (Elvis) for the first time was like busting out of jail,' stated Bob Dylan once, you will have to understand the moral climate in America during the mid 50's to realize what a shook Elvis Presley was. On issue #1 of Revolver Mag, Dave Marsh published an article called 8 Revolutionary events that rocked the world, on the number one spot he places: Elvis Presley on TV (1956): 'Elvis on the Radio was radical enough, but putting him on the small screen was another matter altogether. It unveiled the predatorial leer and swarthy features that coded "Negro" to every bigot in America. Broadcast into every living room, those hips wanted to fuck your daughter, your wife, and (maybe, even if you wouldn't admit it) you. MTV still hasn't come up with anything as creative, as sexy or, for that matter, as interesting.'

For the post war teenagers, Elvis meant rebellion, that sexy, breathlessly and frantic sound of his was the bad seed of defiance and disobedience that will rise during the mid 60's. 'When I first heard [Elvis Presley's] voice I just knew that I wasn't going to work for anybody; and nobody was going to be my boss.' summed up Dylan.' 'He taught white America to get down" said James Brown, as a racial integrator, Elvis took hold all over the South, Elvis -a working class Southerner- fusad sounds of white country music with black blues and R&B. In an uptight white America segregation happpened in their very bodies, where sexuality needed to be separated from the rest of the cultural being, Elvis Presley came as a sexual awakening, the generally described 'frenezy' Elvis caused in the Audience was more like a sexual expression, a liberation from the taboos of the older generation, and that was the real fear regarding Elvis.

Well we did some talkin' after all, but here it is, Elvis: Rock, Sex and Roll, enjoy our playlist, this is not a greatest hits collection, this is Elvis the rocker, malicious glee that 50 years latter still has that rebellious edge.

Mildred: Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
Johnny: Whadda you got?
Elvis - Rock, Sex, And Roll (A BOOK FROM JAT publishing) Get It NOW!!!

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