Thursday, March 18, 2010

When all Was Kool - Elvis Presley

When all Was Kool (2007)
Elvis Presley

Whan makes this bootleg interesting is the source for their Sun Sessions selections: original mint condition 75rpm's. You know there are two ways to hear Elvis Sun recordings, the RCA way, and the SUN way. RCA compressed and added echo (nothing wrong with that) to those original SUN tapes for their own Singles and L.P. releases creating a particular sound on them. But here, the cats behind When all Was Cool offer you the chance to experience the original Sun sound as it was released on those label singles (hiss and cracks included), today classic 50's vintage collectibles. As a bonus there is this rare jam at Sun of 'How Do You Think I Feel".

Additional to that is the original Radio covering of Elvis 1957 Tour in Canada, all with some snippets of Elvis shows there, fan comments, and an Interview with the man itself, Elvis, on CBC radio. Also another Radio Spot, this time for a 1956 concert, as well as the complete Elvis first appearance at the Milton Berle Show "in front of an all military audience". Interviews with Elvis and some other rarities make of this release a a pretty Kool must for Elvis fans.

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Tel said...

Cheers My Friend
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Fresa Podrida said...

My pleasure. I'll keep on posting.

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Anonymous said...

Great boot!
Thank you very much amigo!

Fresa Podrida said...

Elvis for Everybody! That's the way it is.