Monday, August 17, 2009

NME's The Last Temptation of Elvis

"Released in 1990, The Last Temptation of Elvis consists of remakes of 26 Elvis songs, most of them movie tunes. Typically, Elvis' movie tunes are trashed by critics and other performers, so it is significant that this album focused on Presley's soundtrack recordings. Even more significant was that the range of performers included on the album -from superstar Bruce Springsteen ti progressive country singer Nanci Griffith to the gritty folk rock band the Pogues". From the book Best of Elvis by Susan Doll

This hard to get double Cd, was released as a charity project assembled by the New Musical Express mag, for the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy program. Now, 32 years and a day after Elvis Presey passing to the Promised Land, is cool for us to remember him in the voice of some well and other unlikely known performers, ranging from his immediate peers and also contemporaries (in a: the younger brothers way) Robert Plan and Paul McCartney, to newer sounding bands (well then in the late 80's) like Jesus and The Mary Chain, or (the most unlikely track from them all predating a decade Alec Empire's tearing apart an Elvis song in a meaningful way) on Pop Will Eat it Self, a response to back then Elvis bashing by Public Enemy on "Fight The Power".

Along with the recent: God Save The Queen: A Psychobilly Tribute to Elvis, this is one of the most meaningful (and appealing to the younger generations) Elvis Tribute Projects from them all. Enjoy and long life the King.

Track list:

1 (Dialogue) - Elvis Presley/Viva Las Vegas - Bruce Springsteen
2 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Sydney Youngblood
3 Loving You - Tanita Tikaram
4 Let's Have A Party - Robert Plant
5 Got a Lot O'Livin' to Do - The Pogues
6 Love Me Tender - Holly Johnson

7 It's Now or Never - Paul McCartney
8 Mean Woman Blues - Dion
9 Guitar Man - The Jesus And Mary Chain
10 King Creole - Cath Carroll & Steve Albini
11 Young and Beautiful - Aaron Neville
12 No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car - Vivian Stanshall
13 Baby I Don't Care - The Primitives

10 Can't Help Falling in Love - Hall & Oates

15 Crawfish - The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra
16 Return to Sender - Ian McCulloch
17 Trouble - Fuzzbox
18 Thanks to the Rolling Sea - The Hollow Men
19 Follow That Dream - The Blow Monkeys
20 Blue Suede Shoes - Lemmy & The Upsetters w/Mick Green
21 Wooden Heart - Nanci Griffith

22 Down in the Alley - The Jeff Healey B
23 Jailhouse Rock - The Cramps
24 Marguerita - Les Negresses Vertes

25 Rock-A-Hula Baby - Pop Will Eat Itself
26 King of the Whole Wide World (outtakes) - Elvis Presley

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